3D Graphics with Scene Kit

About Availability

I get questions regarding the availability of the book, and I have no good answers for them.

I decided to write this book for iBooks because I wanted rely on its ability to put 3D object on the page next to the text that describes it. This decision means that the book is only available through the iBooks Store.

This support page details what type of content can you can buy in your country. Apps, podcasts, iTunes U, and free books are available everywhere. Paid books is available in 51 countries. The map showing the availability is shown below and a full list is relayed at the bottom of this post.

A map of the countries where paid iBooks is available

The iBooks Author EULA prohibits sales of .ibooks files outside of the iBooks Store. I don’t consider switching file format as an option and I’m hesitant towards managing multiple file formats. I feel that my time and energy is better spent on making updates for Swift or adding new content.

This is the full list1 of countries where you can buy the book:

I’m sorry if the country that you live in isn’t on that list.

  1. If there is an error in the relayed list or the accompanying map then that is a mistake on my end. The list in the support article is what’s accurate.